I have to confess, I’m a little bit obsessed with this site! It combines excellent photography, recipes, and lists together to bring you Shutterbean. 

To learn more about the intrepid author of Shutterbean and what you can expect from the posts on the, check out the About page. But in short, what you’ll find are amazing photographs of delicious food, recipes to make said food, and every Friday the author shares a list. I’m an avid listmaker, so I love when I can check out the kinds of things other people make lists of.

Every photograph on this webpage makes me hungry, and excited to try making the dish. The lemon buttermilk bundt cake was particularly delicious when I whipped it up with the addition of strawberry glaze.  What I really love is that the  author walks you through the recipe step by step (often with step by step photos, glorious mouthwatering photos, that help clarify any tricky bits) and the provides the recipe at the end of the post. 

Navigation is super-duper easy because the site is setup blog-style, with a twist. Scroll down and and click  Continue Reading to dive into the posts. 

Lists? Did I mention she posts lists? And they are some of the most interesting, entertaining, and diverting lists ever. She posts them every Friday, but be warned you can definitely lose track of time while checking out the different links on the list. 

Go forth and check out this site full of fantastic photography, recipes, and lists!