One of the selling points for the Microsoft Surface is the easy-to-attach lightweight Touch and Type cover keyboards.  But while these keyboards are small and light, they don’t have all the features of a full size keyboard.

As a Surface Pro owner who uses my device more like a traditional laptop than a tablet, I find that I miss some of the dedicated keys like PrtScn. To do a screen capture, I have to take my hands away from the keyboard and press the physical volume control and the Windows symbol on the front of the touch screen. 

Now there’s an update for the Surface that will allow users to toggle between what the keys on the top row do and also offer some shortcuts. 

Those shortcuts include:

Fn + Caps: Locks F1-F12 into being function keys. Do it again and you’ll get the charms, volume, Home, End, etc. If you are in the function lock mode, you get the inverse options by pressing the Fn key.

Fn = <spacebar> : Print Screen

Fn + <spacebar> + Alt: Print Screen for the in-focus App only

Fn + Del: Brightness Up

Fn + Backspace: Brightness Down

Fn + <left>: Home

Fn + <right>: End

Fn + <up>: Page Up

Fn + <down>: Page Down

The update should be available sometime late this week.

~ Cynthia