Microsoft Office Comes To iPhone

Microsoft has released a Office Mobile app for iPhone. Subscribers to Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus can go to the Apple App Store and download the app for free. The iPhone app is similar to Office Mobile for Windows Phone.  After signing into their Office 365 accounts, users can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents and share those  documents via SkyDrive.

Microsoft is promising a consistent experience across all platforms, saying that the changes you make using the mobile app will look the same when you open up the same document on a PC or Mac. A subscription to Office 365 costs $99 a year.

Facebook Adds Hashtags

Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest users have been using hashtags to search and categorize posts, now Facebook users can get in on the tagging action by adding hashtags to their posts. A hashtag is a word or words prefixed with the # symbol. (example #NSAscandal or #Buckeyes). Users can click on a hashtag to see other posts with the same tag.

Entire Pink Floyd Catalog Coming To Spotify

For many fans, the lack of Pink Floyd tracks is a glaring omission in Spotify’s music, but that’s changed, thanks to the band’s fans.  Fans had to stream “Wish You Were Here” a million times on the music service made Pink Floyd’s music available.  The announcement was made on the band’s Twitter Page.

Floyd fans got busy and got those million plays accomplished in just four days. Something about listening to Pink Floyd songs as individual tracks instead an entire album seems a little wrong to me, but these songs are an important addition to the Spotify playlist. 

Ford Brings Back Buttons

Touch screens are supposed to make driving easier, but some drivers are not happy with Ford’s MyFordTouch option in their new vehicles. They say it actually makes it more difficult to do things like find a radio station. Now the automaker is improving those controls by bringing back old-fashioned buttons in its newer vehicles starting with the latest model of the F-150.

 ~ Cynthia