I’m a huge fan of Eric Ripert, so when I discovered Avec Eric – a site devoted to his culinary adventures I just knew I had to share it with all of you. 

On the main page you’ll find easy navigation to everything on the site between the scrolling featured sections and  navigation strip, but I’ll be honest I dove right into the recipe section to see what scrumptious offerings there were. 

You’ll find a featured recipe on the main page, but you can get to the whole section by clicking Recipes on the navigation strip. There you’re greeted by images of food that are luscious and will tempt you right away. The recipe categories are appetizers, beef, chicken, cocktails, dessert, dinner social, duck, entrees, game, holiday party, on the table, pasta or grains, pork, salads, seafood, seasonal, side dish, soup, and vegetarian. 

After the recipes, I fell in love with the On the Table section (which I found through the recipes) where Ripert spends a half an hour or so with a special guest talking and cooking a dish. I wasn’t sure what I’d make of it but I decided to watch an episode. I started with the Drew Barrymore episode and was instantly charmed by the segment. I highly recommend checking it out. Some of the special guests have been Roger Waters, Gail Simmons, Anthony Bourdain, Stanley Tucci, and Mario Batali to just name a few. I thought the concept was charming and overall it was very interesting to see all the ways different people interact with Ripert. 

If you like cooking, are a fan of Eric Ripert, or just want to look at some gorgeous food then this site has something to offer you. Check it out today!