Stan from Kerrville TX writes:

Too many times all the mail in my Gmail account is automatically moved to the trash area.. Can you explain that for me? Thank you.

There are a few possibilities we can look at Stan. If you are using a POP e-mail client (like Outlook Express) to download your Gmail, make sure you have not selected delete Gmail’s copy in your POP download options. Here’s how to check:  In Gmail , select the little gear in the upper right corner and then choose Settings:

In Settings, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

In the POP Download section, make sure you have not selected to delete the messages once they are downloaded in step 2.

 Another possibility is that you’ve enabled forwarding in your settings and selected to delete Gmail’s copy. This option would also be found under Settings – Forwarding and Pop/IMAP.

Another possibility is that there is a filter in place with the action Delete it. You can locate filters under by looking  in Settings under the Filters tab. If you have any filters in place that contain the action Delete it, you may need to edit those filters to make sure they aren’t the problem.

Hopefully, one of these solutions is the answer to your problem.

~ Cynthia