James from WI writes:

How I import my MS Outlook contacts / addresses to Outlook.com?


To import contacts from MS Outlook to Outlook.com, you have to start by exporting your contacts from Outlook. If you have Office 2007/2010 click here for directions to export a CSV (comma separated values) file. If you have Office 2013 click here for directions to export a CSV file. Once you’ve exported the file, save it to your desktop.

Open Outlook.com and click the down arrow next to Outlook in the upper left-hand corner. Choose People. In the People interface, click the down arrow next to Manage, then click Add people.

On the next screen click the option Import from file.

On the next screen make sure Microsoft Outlook (using CSV) is selected, then click the browse button to locate your file. Double-click the file you exported to your desktop. Now click Import contacts. Your contacts should now be imported into Outlook.com