I found this site shortly after Seat Geek, and thought that all of you might enjoy knowing about a mobile app that functions as a social network for sports fans. 

The app allows you to check in, huddle, and enjoy the game with friends via your mobile device. It’s free and available for iPhone and  Android devices, the iPad, and guess what, you can even use it online in your web browser via the Web App. The last one is why I felt comfortable sharing it as a Cool Site. 

So when you land on the main page, your first decision will be to decide what app you want to use, for the purpose of this Cool Site click the Web App button. This will whisk you away to the web version of Fanatix.

Navigation from there is like any web page, you’ll find featured content on the main page, navigation tabs along the top, and if you scroll down the page some you’ll find all the links to social media. 

You’ll get the latest news, be able to interact with other fans, and even contribute your own opinion. Go check it out for yourself, today!