Kimbonita from Salem writes:

I have a lot of individual folders which I’ve added, my question is what are the steps for saving and transferring these folders to a USB flash drive or a blank disc?


Kimbonita, the process should be pretty simple.

First of all, you will need to make sure your flash drive or disc has enough space to hold the file you wish to transfer.  You can determine the size of the file by right-clicking on the file and then selecting Properties.

The Size on disk is what matters here.

If you aren’t sure of how much space is available on the disk or drive on which you plan to copy your files. Insert that device into your computer. Now go to Computer . You’ll find it on your Start Menu for Windows 7 or by typing Computer into the search field of the Charms Bar for Windows 8.

Removable drives should display how much space is available on your disk or drive.

Now that you’re sure you have enough room for your file,  you can open windows for your file and our devices and drag and drop the file you wish to copy.  For the USB Flashy, simply, single-click, hold down the mouse button, drag the file to the removable drive and release the mouse button.

Or you could right-click on the file and select Copy:

Then right-click on the drive  and select paste:

When you click on the  CD or DVD you will be given the option to use it like a USB flash drive or to burn a CD/DVD. If you choose the USB Flash Drive option, you can edit the content once it is copied. The choice is up to you.

 If it’s a new CD/DVD, it will be formatted for the computer. Then you can either copy and paste or drag and drop the files you wish to copy to the CD/DVD.

Depending on the size of the files, it could take a few seconds or a few minutes.The folder should now be visible on your external device.

When you click on the folder, the contents should be displayed.

~ Cynthia