Pink Floyd To Pandora: Internet Radio Rips Off Artists

Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd put aside their differences to write an editorial slamming music streaming service Pandora’s royalty policies.  They accused Pandora of wanting to cut artists royalties by 85%. They pointed out that 90% of artists who receive digital royalties already get less that $5,000 a year. They say Pandora tried to trick artists into signing a confusing petition without explaining properly what that petition supports.

Pandora’s petition is in response to rules that require Internet radio to pay royalties to artists when they play their songs, but AM/FM stations are not required to pay royalties.

Pink Floyd recently made news last week when their catalog of music became available on rival Internet radio service Spotify.

Windows Finally Getting An Official Facebook App

Microsoft announced that there will finally be an official Facebook App for Windows.  Facebook, along with Instagram and Words With Friends have been glaring omissions from the Windows 8 App Store. Considering that Microsoft actually owns part of Facebook, and that the Windows Store needs apps in the worst way, it’s surprising that it took this long to announce an official app. The Windows App Store is so sparsely populated that Microsoft was bragging about an app for a popular chain of British grocery stores. I can’t see Apple or Google getting fired up over a Kroger/Wegman’s app. It’s nice, but is that really press-release worthy?  The app is expected to be released in the fall, which means Windows 8 will have been released for a year before getting an official Facebook app. Also on the way to the App Store are Flipboard and Vevo.

New App Helps You Use Social Media To Avoid Your Friends

If anti-social media is more your thing, a new web-based app helps you use social media to avoid your friends. It’s called “Hell is Other People” and it uses FourSquare to track your “friends” and calculate how to stay as far away from them as possible.

It then generates a map of “safe zones” to enable you to be as anti-social as possible.

The app was designed by a graduate student at NYU, Scott Garner. Garner says he found living in New York City a bit overwhelming and designed the app to help him cope with social anxiety. 

You can check it out by clicking here.

~ Cynthia