One curious feature of Windows 8 is that there are two version of Internet Explorer installed. One version, you can access quickly from the Metro/Modern Screen.



And one to run from the desktop mode.


The desktop version looks pretty much like your traditional Internet Explorer Interface.


The Metro/Modern version is optimized for touch screens and puts the address bar on the bottom.


The desktop version displays tabs to indicate your open windows.


The Metro version shows bold graphics that are easy to find with your fingers.


Your most frequently visited sites display as large buttons.


The reason for the two version of Internet explorer is the dual nature of Windows 8. While it’s designed with touch screens in mind, a lot of people are still using it with a mouse in the desktop mode.

Even though I have a Surface with a touch screen, initially I thought I preferred the desktop version because it just looked more familiar. Then I made a discovery. The Metro/Modern version is wicked fast. IE 10 in desktop is pretty good, but the touch-friendly Metro/Modern mode is even faster.  I found it noticeably faster.

 If you have Windows 8, especially if you have a touch screen device,  I’d suggest giving the Modern IE App a try. In fact, if you’re a Windows 8 user and you’ve been avoiding the apps because the interface is unfamiliar, I’d suggest taking some time to check out what’s available. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

If you have and questions about Windows 8 or anything else, make sure to click the link below and just ask!

~ Cynthia