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No Excuse List offers a search engine that will let you type in what you want to learn and then return with a list of sites that will help you learn that skill. With an emphasis on presenting the best free education sites with a handful of paid sites that were just too good not to include in the list. 

You have two navigation options, you can type in a keyword as described above, or you can click the here link to see a complete list of all the sites which is what I did.  Highly rated sites are marked with a green check mark, and pay sites are clearly denoted with a coin symbol. If you mouse over the names of the sites on the list you’ll  see some alt text that describes what they are and what they provide. 

You can pick from the following categories – Academics, Art, Computer Programming, Cooking, eBooks, How To + DIY, Languages, Music, and Other. 

All you have to do now is pick a site and dive right in!


4 thoughts on “No Excuse List

  1. I and my Godson are blind, and I’m extremely happy y’all offered this tip! This is going to help me do my French even better. Pimsleur Approach is great, too. Great work, guys, and thank you Amanda! Heather

  2. “N0 excuse” did not help !!! I wanted to learn the harmonica – no help shown
    I wanted a course in Bahasa Malay (the Malay language) No help !

  3. Thanks Amanda & WorldStart for the excellent tips.
    I have just started leaning to code by going to No Excuse Now and finding a coding teacher. Thanks So Much!

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