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Is dealing with Windows 8 driving you to drink? You could check out WorldStart’s helpful Windows 8 tips or buy our Complete Video Guide to Windows 8 or you could just download Cocktail Flow, a handy cocktail app to help prepare the perfect cocktail.

Like many others, I’ve complained about the lack of apps for Windows 8, but some of the ones that are available are quite nice. One of the most attractive is Cocktail Flow, a simple but pretty-to-look at app that helps you put together classic and unusual alcoholic drinks.

Cocktail Flow is available for free in the Windows App Store. The developers promise they will continually update the collection of drinks. When you open Cocktail Flow you see this attractive home screen.

You can browse drinks by their base liquor…


Or if you’re more into looks, by the color of the finished drink.

I’m feeling blue because Words With Friends isn’t available for my Windows Tablet, so let’s see my drink options. I can scroll through the selection by swiping left or right with my  hand or by using a mouse on a scrollbar on the bottom the screen.

Since the Fourth of July drink sounds patriotic, Let’s see how to make it. When you tap on your drink of choice, you’ll see a clean and informative instruction page.

You’ll see ingredients:

And instructions:

For me, one drawback of this otherwise super-cool and fun to play with app is that they don’t offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to serve younger people and those who don’t imbibe, or just for those days when you don’t want to tipple.  I hope that as the app expands they’ll consider it. 

As the owner of a Windows 8 tablet, I also hope attractive and functional apps like this will inspire app developers to create content for the Windows App Store.

This app is available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and also for Android.  But I do think it looks best on the Windows 8 system. 

One last note: a bartender friend asks that I remind you that just because a drink with exotic ingredients is on the app, it doesn’t mean you local watering hole will have those ingredients on hand. So please be kind to your friendly neighborhood bartender.

~ Cynthia


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