Picturelife is a multiplatform photo storage and organization tool that helps you protect your photographs by securely backing them up.

To get started type in your working e-mail address and create a password, then click the blue Continue to Next Step button. That will whisk you directly to the interface to start backing up your photographs. When you click the blue Start Backing Up Your Photographs button it will download a setup.exe. Run the .exe to install the Picturelife Sync application.

Once it’s ready to go log into your account with the credentials your provided in the first step and then select what version you want to use. I’m bringing it to you because they offer 5 GB for free which works out to be around 2000 pictures. 

After you’ve selected what version you want you’ll sync the folders on the computer with Picturelife. You can choose any of the folders already showing (Pictures, Documents, and Desktop) just click the check box to select them. Have your photos stored elsewhere on your computer? You can add those folders too by simply clicking Add Folder and then selecting the location. 

You can then choose to either continue and take the tour, or to skip the tour. I’d recommend taking it. After it is done syncing your photographs you are returned to the Picturelife web site where you can organize your photographs by creating albums. 

You can also upload  photos, using the upload button at the bottom left of the page. I find this is a great way to add new content to my storage without re-syncing anything. If you run into any issues and need help be sure to check out the Support page. You can access it and other account options from the cog above the search field. 

This is a great way to secure the photographs you don’t want to lose. I am using it currently mainly to store my graduation, family, and crafting photographs.



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