How Do I Insert A Photo In Yahoo E-mail?

Mary Ellen from Troy, Michigan writes:

Even after using computers for more than 30 year, I still can’t figure out how to insert a picture in my Yahoo e-mail. Can you help?

No problem Mary Ellen. Having used computers all these years, I’m sure you know the only thing that stay the same is that everything changes. Yahoo! Mail is in the midst of a transition to a new look with new features.  I’ll show you the process on an older version of Yahoo! Mail first and then for the newer one.

For older versions of Yahoo! Mail, you won’t find an insert option. You’ll need to attach the file.  Once you’ve composed a new message choose Attach Files off to the right.


You’ll see a window that allows you to select the image you wish to attach. Choose Browse.

Then select the image you wish to attach.

Once you’ve added the image you can click Continue To Message to get back to the e-mail you’re composing.

Your image will appear as an attachment in your message. 

If you have the new Yahoo! Mail, things will look a little different. You will have the option to insert, but not from your hard drive. Once you compose a message, click the paper clip icon to the left.

In the drop down menu, you’ll  have the choice to Attach from my computer. But you’ll also see the options to share from a Flickr or Dropbox account if you have one.  You can learn about the advantages of a Flickr account by clicking here and about Dropbox by clicking here.

If you select Flickr, you have the option of choosing photos from your photostream.

This is what it will look like in your message.

 Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “How Do I Insert A Photo In Yahoo E-mail?

  1. There is a MAJOR difference between “inserting” and “attaching”. The question was how to “insert” a picture.

  2. There is a MAJOR difference between “inserting” a picture and “attaching” a picture. The question was how to “insert” a picture not “attach” one.

  3. Yes, the question was for inserting, not attaching. A major difference. I was hoping to learn something but didn’t.

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