Galaxy S4: Use Your Phone As A Remote

One of the many nifty features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability to use your phone as a universal remote. The phones have IR blaster capability, the same technology that enables a remote to control your devices. Here’s how to set it up. Go to apps and select WatchOn, which comes pre-installed on the GS4.

A welcome screen will prompt you to select the country or region.

 Then you enter your zip code and select your program provider. If there are multiple channel lineups for your area, the app helps you select the correct one.


Once you’ve selected a line-up, you can set the phone up for your television and set-top box.

Then you’ll select your television from a long list of brands and test it out to make sure it’s working. You will repeat the process with your set-top box.  Any other electronic devices you want to control with the phone like a Blu-Ray player or stereo you set up in another part of the app.  If your device does not work, you get the option to report a problem with the device to Samsung.


  When you’re done, this is what your remote screen will look like.


 You can make the remote appear on your lock screen and even set it up only to display when you’re home.  Tap menu in the app and go  to Settings.  Choose Auto display. If you’d like the remote to only display when you’re home, just tap Home.  You can also add other rooms with other TVs and set-top box set-ups.

I set this up at home last night myself and the whole process was quick and fairly painless.

Personally, I was having a whole lot of fun changing the channel even though my husband was in firm possession of the remote. 

~ Cynthia


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