Gupta from Singapore writes:

I just started using Where can I find used and unused capacity of my mail box?

Gupta, it’s really not something you need worry about now. It provides pretty much unlimited storage space that expands as you need more space. 

Although Microsoft does caution that if your inbox grows too fast, it might slow things down. They suggest saving really large attachments elsewhere,

Here’s how you can track down those large e-mails. Go to your Inbox

To the top right, you’ll see the option to Arrange by.

Click the arrow for the drop-down menu and choose Size.

Your e-mails will be sorted by size and you can save any really large file elsewhere.

This is a good time to highlight a nice feature of In the bar across the top, you’ll see the option to Sweep.

Clicking the drop-down menu will give you the chance to move selected e-mails, batch delete messages and schedule cleanup.

Scheduling a cleanup will allow you to only keep the latest message from a particular sender, delete all messages from that sender after a period of time or move older messages into a folder of your choice.

You can choose from options of 3, 10, 30 or 60 days.

You can move the files to existing folders or create a new one.

Creating a new file is as simple a choosing new and typing the name.

Now, all messages from my work e-mail will be moved to a special WorldStart folder after 30 days.

Rest assured that you have plenty of space for mail, Gupta.

~ Cynthia