Can I Delete Multiple Messages From Outlook?

Val writes:  I have a question when you are dealing with Microsoft outlook inbox when deleting the messages is there anything i click into that will allow me to click on and delete more than one message at a time?

Val, you don’t say whether you are dealing with or the Microsoft Outlook E-mail client, but I can answer your question for both, just to be sure. Let’s start with the inbox:

You’ll notice a box next to each message.


Once you check the messages you wish to delete, you’ll get the option to Delete, Archive, Junk or Move at the top of the page.

Now if you’re using the Outlook e-mail client, it will look a little different.

Select the e-mail you wish to delete with your cursor.

You can select multiple e-mails either by pressing the  Ctrl key to choose them one at a time or by pressing Shift to select a range of messages.

Press the Delete key to delete your selection of messages.

~ Cynthia


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