Can I Run PaintShop Pro X In Windows 8?

Artha from Florida writes:

I’m using XP I know I will shortly have to upgrade, but I use Paint Shop Pro X and I love it. In Windows 8 I’ve been told you can only use PSP X4 or X5. I don’t like X4 it’s geared to the Photographer not the hobbist. I make Signature tags and own a tag list. Is there some way to get PSP 10 to work in Widows 8? I thought I read here that Vista or Windows 7 had a way to use old programs. Does Windows 8?

Artha, according to the Windows Compatibility Center, Corel PaintShop Pro X is compatible with Windows 8.¬† However there are some complaints on the Microsoft forums that people are having issues installing the program. Corel’s website does not list PaintShop Pro X as being one of their Windows 8 compatible products.

Microsoft has a Virtual XP Mode for Windows 7, but that’s not officially supported¬† for Windows 8.

You could choose to upgrade to a machine running the Windows 7 operating system and run PaintShop Pro X in the Virtual XP Mode.

Also, your XP computer isn’t going to stop functioning just because Microsoft discontinues support, so if you are dead-set against upgrading your Paint Shop Pro and you wish to upgrade to Windows 8, you could continue to use your XP machine exclusively for photo editing until you get comfortable with a program that’s compatible with a new Windows 8 machine. I would not advise going online with the XP machine after support is discontinued, as it will not be protected against new viruses and security threats.

~ Cynthia


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