Xbox One Will Allow Self-Publishing Of Games

Microsoft is looking to get chummier with independent game publishers. To that end they’ve confirmed that the new Xbox one will run in-progress game code. This gives independent developers a less expensive option for working out the bugs in their games. Usually a “debug” version of a console would cost a lot more than the version available to consumers.

The company is also easing its game publishing rules. For the first time, developers will be permitted to publish their own games.

A lot of gamers were disappointed with Microsoft’s emphasizing the Xbox One as a family entertainment hub as opposed to a gaming console. Moves like this could help them get back in the good graces of gamers.

Google Shows Off New Nexus 7

Google is breaking with industry push towards less expensive 7″ tablets, setting a $229 price for the newest version of the 7″ Nexus tablet.  The quad-core Android tablet is thinner with a better screen resolution and faster display. Google is betting that consumers won’t mind paying more for those features.

Among the new features will be the ability to have multiple account profiles and improved parental controls.

C’mon Get Happy

Tried of all the Debbie Downers on Facebook? You might want to check the Happier social network. At Happier, it’s all about good news. Their mission is to collect and share happy moments in everyday life and brighten other people’s days.


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~ Cynthia