How Do I Find Safe Sender Options In

Cloyd from American Fork, Utah writes:

In, I suddenly stopped getting the regular emails from WorldStart. How do you access the options page to check the settings??

Well, we certainly can’t let that happen!  In your inbox, click the little gear icon to the right and then choose More mail settings from the drop-down menu.

You’ll get a window with a variety of options. Click on the Safe and blocked senders list.

Select Safe senders from the list

You can enter senders or domains to mark as safe addresses.

And add them to your list of safe senders and domains.

Also, check your Junk folder.

If you find messages mistakenly flagged as junk, you can fix that. Select the message.

Choose Not junk from the top menu and your message or messages will be moved into the Inbox.


Hope that gets us back in your inbox where we belong.

~ Cynthia

One thought on “How Do I Find Safe Sender Options In

  1. I just set up an Outlook email and tried this, and I don’t have the option
    “More Mail Settings”. it isn’t on the list.

    I would also like to know how to increase the font size in that program.

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