Will A Virus App Keep My XP Computer Safe?

Samuel from Cherry Hill NJ writes:

You said not to access a web site with windows XP because you are open viruses. is this true if you have a virus app?

Actually Samuel, the concern about accessing the Internet with Windows XP doesn’t come into play until April of 2014 when Microsoft will discontinue support of Windows XP. Windows XP will still function on your computer, but Microsoft will not provide any new security updates. This will leave the large number of Windows XP users vulnerable to viruses and malware.  Security programs count on these updates from Microsoft to help keep your computer safe.

If you really enjoy XP, one option is to upgrade Windows 7 and use the XP Mode.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Although I have upgraded to Windows 7 a while ago. I thought this was a very good tip for those still using XP.

    Thank you for your newsletters.

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