What Is System Time?

Betty from Illinois writes:

Could you please tell me what system time is ,and what it does?It showed up in my anti virus?(in the task bar) Will it affect my protection? Can I fix it or do I need help?

Betty,  system time is your computer’s notion of time, as measured by your computer’s system clock. That time is translated into regular old calendar and clock time for your ease of use.  Accurate system time is important, not just so you have a clock to look at on your computer, but for things like timing automatic updates for virus protection and Windows. 

If you aren’t experiencing any issues with the date and time on your computer, you should be fine. If you notice that the date or time are off on your computer, (and they were previously set correctly) there could be a possibility of a virus.

As long as you have your anti-virus up-to-date, it should take care of any issues.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I had a problem with my date and time, having pulled out half of my hair I then discovered that my battery in the computer had ceased to function.
    I replaced it and have had no problem since.
    This might help others that have found no virus and still have a time problem.

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