Expecting Rain

If you love Bob Dylan, then this is a site you don’t want to miss out on!  Updated daily with the latest Dylan news, you’ll be sure to never miss an interesting tidbit. 

When you arrive at the main page, you’ll notice that right on the landing page you’ll find the latest updates. When I visited it went two days back from the current date (so in my case there was Monday, and then Sunday and Saturday’s entries as well). If you want to look back further than that, you’ll need to hit up the archives. You can do this by using the Archive button at the top of the page or by scrolling past the last entry and accessing the archive from there. 

Also at the top of the page on the navigation menu you’ll find: News (the landing page), Discussions, Cornershop (if you’re looking to buy Dylan albums check here), Who’s Who?, Exhibition, Atlas, and Archives. 

Of all the sections the Atlas is my absolute favorite.  It takes the places mentioned in Dylan songs and then gives you information about them. Discussions is a great section to connect with other like-minded Dylan fans.  Who’s Who starts by taking a list of Dylan’s aliases and matching them up to the man, and then goes into a listing of other people who I’m guessing have recorded with or recorded songs written by Dylan. 

This is a very neat site surrounding the music of Bob Dylan, go check it out today! 



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