Microsoft, Sony Hope To Make Big Statement at GamesCon

It has been a long time since the video game industry entered a new generation of consoles, and with it comes rising anticipation at every convention in between now and the PS4 and Xbox One release. GamesCon 2013 is coming to Cologne, Germany Aug. 21 – 25, and the rumor mill is going strong.

The convention presents a chance for Microsoft and Sony to win over the European market. Microsoft has already written off Japan, as it has had poor sales with the Xbox 360 during its lifespan in that area, but it looks set to try to dominate Europe. Another interesting aspect of this year’s GamesCon is the fact that consumers could purchase a limited quantity of trade and media day tickets, according to IGN. This is the first year that this has been allowed.


Computer and Video Games reports that Sony has been holding back on new title information until GamesCon. Approximately 30 games are in development in Sony Worldwide Studios, so what Sony has announced so far at E3 is just the beginning. Twelve of these games in development will be completely new IPs. It’s also rumored that the PS4 release date will officially be announced at this convention.


Microsoft has been having a pretty rough time with its press conferences and convention appearances. It takes a lot to erase the debacle of the E3 launch from gamers’ minds, but Microsoft is showing up at GamesCon after skipping last year and doing its best to come away with positive news instead of Internet ridicule. Gaming Blend reports that Microsoft is preparing a complete press conference, instead of just a booth, in order to really drive home that the company is serious about winning the European market. This is the first time Microsoft has hosted a press conference at GamesCon since 2005, according to Polygon.

The company is focused on showing off the game experiences of the Xbox One, so it’s likely it has taken the same strategy as Sony and held back a number of significant launch titles. While Microsoft has backpedaled from its stance of constant check-ins, a solid Internet connection will still be required to make the best use of the Xbox One. According to, high speed Internet is needed to take advantage of Xbox One features.


Like Microsoft, Nintendo also skipped out on the last GamesCon, but the company is showing up this year to represent its stake in the gaming war. The rumor mill says Nintendo will show third party games for the Wii-U, which this system has been sorely lacking. It’s obvious Nintendo’s strategy is to sit on first- and third-party power titles until Microsoft and Sony launch, but that’s not winning them any favors with current owners of the system.

No matter which console you claim allegiance to, GamesCon is going to erupt with major announcements and reveals. What are you most excited about for the upcoming console generation?

~ Max Cruise

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