Smart Gardener

Now growing, managing, and enjoying your garden can be easier with Smart Gardener.  This site is devoted to helping you have the most successful vegetable garden for your area.

What I love is that the site is very upfront about letting you get a look at what they have to offer in order to decide if it is a tool that you’d want to use. You can check out the tour video by clicking the Watch the Video button. It runs around three minutes long and goes through the various options the site provides for you to be successful.¬†

If you’re still on the fence after the video, you can check out the interface by clicking the Explore a Smart Garden button. This will take you to an example garden where you can play with all the settings and see how things work for yourself. You can try the Recommend a Plan to see what layout they suggest for the test garden, or you can try out how the plant interface works. Also if you click where it says Getting Started when you’re in the test garden you can check out the following sections: Follow These 4 Steps and 8 Good Things to Know.

Once you’re ready, you can click Exit Demo Account or Home, and then back on the main page click the Free! Join Now button. You can either F-connect with Facebook or fill out the form and click Create My Account. Then all you have to do is follow the steps to setup your vegetable garden.

This looks like it is a really cool tool for managing a garden. Check it out today!


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