Zen Pencils

Created in February of 2012, Zen Pencils is a site that delivers a new cartoon every Tuesday that has been adapted from an inspirational quote from someone famous. 

I ran across this strip of a Marie Curie quote, and it made me want to share the site with you, then I went through the archives and read the past strips, and knew I had to. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the latest offering. The cartoon adaption is the first thing you see, and if you scroll down past it you’ll get information about the person the quote is from (in my example, that would be Marie Curie), you’ll also find links to other interesting information about the person, or an explanation from the author about why he felt inspired to draw what he did. 

Have a favorite quote that you’d like to see as a cartoon adaption? Well then click the Submit Quote option on the navigation strip, and you’ll find great instructions on how to submit a quote. Just make sure you’ve looked through the archives and it hasn’t already been adapted. 

How do you find past Zen Pencils? Well if you scroll down past the current cartoon, and look before the text about it starts you’ll find some navigation buttons. The center one takes you to the Archives, and the arrows to either side will let you navigate back and forth through the strips. 

These are awesome cartoons go check them out today! 



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