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My mom has planted a garden every summer since they moved into their new house. (Well it’s no longer new, but it’s not the house I graduated from high school and moved away from, so it’s still new to me.) She grows cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, peas, zucchini, watermelon, and strawberries. I’m sure I’m missing something too. Now my brother had a garden this summer as well. He grew carrots, corn, green beans, and watermelons. So I’ve been looking at lots of garden sites all summer long for the both of them and my own curiosity. 

This is one of a few I found that thought were pretty awesome.  My Garden lets you manage your garden online, receive garden specific information based on what you’re growing and then lets you share your gardening knowledge online over their platform. There are two version one that is free and one that is paid. We’re going to check out the free one. 

When you land on the main page, the site gives you a great rundown of what they have to offer you like a personal garden calendar, detailed plant records, a community of shared knowledge, a wish list, photo albums, readings, and events.  They even offer you a comparison link so you can see the difference between free and paid accounts. 

Should this look like a gardening site you’ll use to help stay on top of your garden, just click the Become a Member for Free button to register. You can fill out the traditional form or connect via Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Once you’re signed in, you’ll go through a three step setup process where you select what plants you’re growing, follow other gardeners, and then complete your profile.

After that you’ll notice that site looks a lot like your favorite social networking sites just with the theme of gardening! You can add photos, ask questions, identify plants, and so much more. This looks like an awesome tool for connecting with like minded people who love gardening! 

Check it out today!


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