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Earl from Waco, Texas writes:

Ever since I have had a computer (maybe 5 or 6 years ) I have used “I-Google” as my home page. Now, as of sometime in November, “I-Google” will no longer be available.
I have been trying to find another home page that meets my needs without success. What I want is a home page that I can customize with gadgets that open with the home page. I have several including; Google finance, Weather, Local weather radar, clock, G-mail, Wikipedia, and more. All of these appear as open items ready for reading or use when I open my home page, along with a scenic theme in the background surrounding each item.
Can you help me find a home page that meets my needs?

Earl, check out NetVibes – this free dashboard (there is a premium version as well, but a free version is available to home users) offers many of the features you are looking for. Start by going to netvibes.com.  You’ll be asked if you are a business or and individual – select I’m Just Me.

You can sign in with Facebook

Or choose to fill out some basic information.

You’ll need to reply to an e-mail confirming your new account and then you’ll be taken to the NetVibes dashboard.

You’ll be happy to see the Google search box front and center and the weather.

You can customize the location.

There’s also an e-mail wizard to help set up access to your e-mail accounts.

It’s easy to add access to various social media accounts and to eBay.

There are a wide range of financial and news widgets and apps available to add, there’s one for Wikipedia as well.

There’s a wide variety of themes available. You can customize your theme or choose themes created by other users.

I was able to set up a customized weather app, e-mail, a Google finance news feed and a Wikipedia app in about five minutes, plus change themes.

One nice feature is the ability to create tabs for different topics or apps. For example you could choose to create a Finance tab to follow multiple financial news sources.

Or create a tab to follow news feeds about a particular topic you want to track

Other options you could consider are a  My Yahoo! home page and igHome.

~ Cynthia

4 thoughts on “iGoogle Alternatives

    1. I’ve been using NetVibes for a short while now, and have found it easy to configure and load almost anything that was part of iGoogle. I haven’t used it very long before I discovered things that were not part of iGoogle, but that I wanted anyway. Very nice – and well worth the downloading – even if they are sort of pointing their eye towards businesses rather than individuals.

  1. I have used i Google from more than 3 year but now i am going to replace i Google with startme.com… The startme is the best alternative of i Google and easy to use, add free, amazing basic functionalties

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