Football season kicked off with some good news for Windows Phone users. The ESPN Fantasy Football app is now available for Windows phones.


Windows Phone users can now download the free app from the Windows App Store. The app allows you to follow football scores in real time and enjoy game day Fantasycast scoring accompanied by news, video and tweets from the ESPN fantasy analyst. (on a side note, a fellow I used to work with is now a fantasy analyst for another sports network. A decade or so ago I might have been known to chuckle at his enthusiasm for fantasy football, but I’m thinking he’s the one laughing now. It would be like the Food Network offering me a job as a bacon analyst.)

The app promises to make managing your fantasy team easier with the ability to easily start and bench players, add or drop players and claim players off waivers. You can also accept or reject trades with other team owners in your league.

If you’re in the mood to trash talk, you can view and post messages to your league’s message board. The app will only manage your current ESPN Fantasy Football teams. Past and future teams aren’t supported.

Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL is also a big selling point for the new Xbox One game console  During the unveiling of the Xbox One, Microsoft emphasized the system’s ability to make sporting events interactive by giving the example that a user could watch an NFL game live, see his or her fantasy football league stats displayed and updated in real time during the game and have a group Skype call to talk with other fans.

The partnership runs deep with Xbox  the “Official Game Console” of the NFL and also become “The Official Interactive Video Entertainment Console.”  Microsoft will be “The Official Sideline Technology Sponsor of the NFL” and the Surface and Windows have been declared “The Official Tablet and PC Operating System of the NFL.

Windows Phone users can download the free app here.

~ Cynthia