Psychology of Color

Previously we’ve looked at how to build the perfect landing page for your website, and that infographic talked a little bit about Color Theory. Well I was very pleased when I found today’s infographic specifically on Color Theory itself and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!

It begins by looking at how consumers view color vs. black and white advertising, color vs. other sensory input, and things color can improve. Did you know that 93% of consumers look at color of a product first and that it factors in over texture and sound or smell in whether or not they buy an item? Color is pretty important. So let’s learn how to use to our advantage with the next section. 

After those statistics the infographic lays out primary colors and secondary colors for you, and then goes through them individually. Each section on color explains what the color represents in four categories. Those categories are Personality/Emotions, Politics, Marketing, and Chakra. Then it displays companies that happen to use that color in their logos or branding, so that you get a real sense of how that color is used through real world examples. 

So it’s quite possible that one of the reason I prefer Android over iProducts is through the color alone. Green is my favorite color and the little android dude is green. So I’m more drawn to it.

Now how do you take the psychology of color and make it work for you? Well you can design your web site, brand your products, create logos and more using the information you’ve learned here. For example, I’m working on opening two small businesses sometime this fall.

One is for hand-knit accessories and the other is for hand-dyed yarn. I know that I want to use green and yellow in my logo for the ball-bands that will wrap around the yarn because I want to elicit a sense of tranquility, relaxation, optimism, youthfulness, as well as denote nature (for the natural fibers of the yarn),  and stimulate the mental processes. Green and yellow do those things, and I love them. 

How will you use color theory? Go check it out today and find out!


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