Beverly Ann from Clark Fork, Idaho writes:

I am unable to get the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector to work. I have installed it three times and uninstalled it using Revo. It is not automatically downloading my Hotmail at into my Outlook 2007 e-mail program on my laptop. Since I don’t have server info I am automatically trying to configure the account settings in Tools on my Outlook program.  The reason I need to do this is I just changed servers, and Dish Net does not offer an e-mail program. Therefore, I signed up with with a Hotmail address and want my mail to download into my Outlook program on my laptop.

The Connector is just not working for me. Do you have any suggestions?

Beverly Ann, have you tried manually configuring the account?

In Outlook, click Info on the File menu, then click Add Account.  Choose Manually configure server settings and then click Next. Choose Other, then pick Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and then click Next.

Input your name, e-mail address and password, then click OK.

 ~ Cynthia