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Have you ever read a book and really wanted to discuss it with someone, but no one you knew read it or at least no one close by who you could meet up with? Well no more! The next time you’re reading something and want to discuss it with other people who’ve read or are reading the same book just create a Read Up! 

Read Ups are virtual reading experiences that take place online where you can talk with other people in real time and you can access them via a tablet or laptop. You’ll need a Twitter account to sign in, so if you don’t have one it will direct you to create one. This is integral because the the Read Up interface is definitely built to make the most of hash tags. 

Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to click the blue AuthorizeApp button so that Read Ups is able to use your twitter handle to post for you, it explains it directly beneath the button. Then they’ll ask for a working e-mail address.

Next it will give you the option to create a Read Up or check out a sample Read Up. I recommend checking out the sample Read Up. It gives you a great tutorial that walks you through the different steps of using the interface. I found that with the simple guidance offered by the site I was able to dive right in and get the most out of the site. 

This is a great way to share what you’re reading with people reading the same thing and always have access to people to chat with about a book. I can’t wait to use it for a book club, or with my cohort, or even students. 

Check it out for yourself today!


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