Michael writes:

I understand that I can fold my old e-mail addresses into my main Outlook.com account so that all of them will show up in my main Outlook inbox.  How do I do this and is there a limit on the number of other e-mail addresses that I can add?

Michael, the process is pretty straight-forward.  Select the gear icon in the upper right of your Outlook.com inbox and choose More mail settings from the drop-down menu.

Under Managing your account, select Your email accounts.

Under Your email accounts you’ll see your current account and any accounts or aliases you’ve added.

Under Add an email account you can choose to add a send-only account if you want to forward the email from the other account or the account doesn’t support receiving email with POP.  Or choose to add a send-and-receive account.  While setting this up, I discovered that Yahoo! Mail only supports a send and receive account if you subscribe to the paid Yahoo! Mail Plus service. However Gmail didn’t have any issues with a send and receive account.

You’ll be prompted to fill in your Name, email address and password. When you’ve filled that in, click on Next.

You can click advanced options to specify POP3 server information from your email provider if necessary, though for services like Gmail that won’t be necessary.  You can also choose here whether you want to leave a copy of those messages on the server for your old account or delete them when the messages arrive in Outlook.com.

You can also choose whether or not your outgoing e-mail messages come from your Outlook address or from your other e-mail address’ server and choose whether or not you will requite a secure connection.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Next

 You then have the option of making a new folder or choosing an existing folder to receive messages. When you’ve selected the folder, choose Save. It may take a few minutes to set up the account.

When it’s finished, you’ll receive a confirmation.

Your new folder with imported e-mail will appear in your Inbox folders.

You can add up to 10 different POP3 accounts to your Outlook.com account.

~ Cynthia