Script Error When Printing From E-mail

Ardis from Oregon writes:

When I try to print anything from my e-mails I get a message “An error has occurred in the script on this page”, followed by, Char: x, Code: 0, URL:(varies with what I am trying to print). The box that comes up with print instructions for me to order the print won’t come up, & it doesn’t matter if I press the “Yes\” or \”No\” box. I can print the e-mail by copying it to Microsoft Word (I have Office 7). If it is a website that I have gone to from an e-mail URL the same thing happens. However, I can go to Internet Explorer or Firefox (not from the e-mail)and print the same page, so I know it is just because of Outlook Express. Have you had other people who have this problem? Please help if you can.

 Ardis, you are not alone. I’ve found a whole lot of questions and possible solutions to this problem. This is the one that seems to have the most positive responses Microsoft Support Forums.

First, make sure Outlook Express and Internet Explorer are closed.  Open your Start Menu and type “run” and hit Enter.

Then type regsvr32 ole32.dll – you may want to copy and paste as this needs to be exactly right. Then select OK.

You’ll get a confirmation.

Hope that helps with your issue.

~ Cynthia

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