Lorie from Charlotte writes:

 I  had an old MSN account that I could use, but when the stuff was transferred onto my new laptop, MSN didn’t go.

Good news Lorie – no matter what computer you are using, your old MSN should be there in the form of an Outlook.com account. All you really lost was the shortcut to your MSN start page.  Let’s get it back. Open up the browser (the program you use to look at things on the Internet) and type http://www.outlook.com in the address bar or http://www.msn.com.

You should be able to log onto your account and access your e-mail from there. You can create a desktop short cut by right-clicking on the MSN.com page and selecting Create a shortcut.

Then you can click on that icon to go directly to MSN.com just by clicking on it.

~ Cynthia