I've Got A Flash Drive, Now What?

Lee writes:

I have been a subscriber for years now. I am still behind on the use of a flash drive/memory chip/I have Cruzer Glide 4 GB, but don’t have clue how to use it. Love to save the songs I write on it. Can you help or refer me to a previous article on flash drives.

Subscriber for life,  Lee

Lee, it’s good to know you’ll be sticking with us!  Your flash drive is just a piece of portable memory that you much in the way floppy discs and later CD/DVDs were used to store files. Flash drives can hold a lot more information, though. Remember when 4 GB was considered a HUGE hard drive on a computer? Now it fits easily in your pocket or on a key chain.

Here’s an article from earlier this year about flash drives and how to use them.  What Do I Do With A Flash Drive? 

Hope that makes things a little clearer.

~ Cynthia

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