Internet Explorer Forgets My Yahoo! Password

Jan from Ohio writes:

My computer OS is Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.  I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for quite some time and now when I go to sign in IE won’t remember my sign in name or password.  IE remembered my user name and password, at Yahoo Mail, several months ago.  IE remembers my username and password at my other websites but not Yahoo Mail.  Any suggestions?

I can think of three quick things to check Jan. First, make sure you have the box checked that tells Yahoo! to remember your username and password.

Also look under Internet Options in IE.

Under the General tab make sure you aren’t telling it to delete your browsing history when you close the browser.

Under the content tab click the Auto Complete Settings.

Make sure you are permitting IE to remember passwords. Check the box if it’s not already checked.

~ Cynthia

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