Make It For Us

Have you ever had a vision you’d like to bring to life? Be it art, craft, or a product? Well now you can! You may not have the skills necessary to create the things you envision but Make It For Us can help you find someone who can make it for you. On the flip side, do you make things? Well Make It For Us can help direct people to your services. 

I’d recommend starting your visit by watching the Launch video on the main page and check out the basic steps as to how the process works on the main page. After that check out the How It Works page, FAQ, and About page. 

If you decide this is a cool thing that you’d like to use, then install the Make button to your bookmarks bar to use when you’re surfing the web.  You can also browse by Categories, either by clicking a specific category near the bottom of the page, or choosing from the Category drop down at the top of the page.

There are a lot of things I’d like to make (industrial style lamps made out of old bottles, pipes, and electrical wiring for example) and now there’s a way that I can get those items made by using this matching system. I think that’s pretty cool so I wanted to share this site with you! Check it out for yourself today!


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