Girls Who Code

This is a subject that is close to my heart. I was a hairsbreadth away from pursuing a computer science degree when I chose to double major in History and English. One of the main factors in that decision was the idea that as a woman I somehow wasn’t smart enough to to pursue computer science because of all the math involved. This is despite the fact that I taught myself to hand-code HTML and have continued learning computer languages on my own. So logically, I know I’m smart enough, but there are times when my self-worth is fragile and logic doesn’t intercede between that doubt and reality. With that said, what I love to see is nonprofit organizations like Girls Who Code who want to encourage and inspire the next generation of girls that they can do math and science. 

I suggest you start in the About Us section where you’ll learn about the Mission, Vision, and Path to Success that Girls Who Code hope to achieve. You’ll also be able to check out the people behind the organization. You can either scroll down to navigation through the different sections of About Us or you can click on the buttons at the top for Summary, Team, Partners & Sponsors, Meet the Girls, Contact Us, and Why It Matters. Really, I encourage you to click Why It Mattes and then use the arrows to navigate through the different reasons. 

The Programs section will explain the Summer Immersion program which took an innovative approach to expose girls to computer science education by pairing over 300 hours of instruction in robotics, web design, mobile development with mentorship from the industry’s top female leaders. It also goes over outcomes, the establishment of Girls Who Code clubs and provides a handy FAQ.

Are you inspired to get involved? I know I am. If so, click on Get Involved and fill out the form denoting what kind of involvement you’re inquiring after (getting your school involved, getting your company involved, getting your organization involved) and the write a message and click the Send Message button.

I hope you’ll check out today’s site and learn about this organization and its goals to get more girls involved in computer sciences!



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