Microsoft Offers Xbox Streaming Music For Free

Microsoft really wants you try out their Xbox Music streaming service. So much so that they are now offering the service, previously only available as a Windows 8 app, for iOS and Android devices and as a webplayer.

The first six months of streaming are free, but some limitations will be in place after that. Web streaming will be limited and the mobile streaming won’t work without an upgrade to the Xbox Music Pass which costs $10 a month or $100 per year.

Microsoft says they have 30 million track available on the service. The company says the Xbox Music service combines the functions of Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon by allowing you to listen to Internet “radio” like Pandora, repeat the music you enjoy with a subscription service like Spotify and purchase music that isn’t available for streaming the way you can with Amazon and iTunes.

A new web playlist feature will be coming in Windows 8.1. The feature will scan for a group’s mentions on any given web page and create a custom playlist of their music. Microsoft says the feature will allow you scan the webpage for an upcoming music festival and create a playlist based on all the artists featured in the lineup.

You can check out the Xbox webplayer  by clicking here. You can download the Android version in the Google Play Store and the iOS version in Apple App Store.

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