Should I Switch From Windows 7?

Elaine from Denver writes:

Steve, I am 84 years old and just got an email that I could buy WINDOWS 8..installed or DVD. I don’t know whether to get it or not.

NUMBER 1)  I don’t know if I should get it

NUMBER 2) I am scared to death to change from my WINDOWS 7. 

Elaine, if you’re happy with Windows 7, there’s no reason to switch right now.  The operating system is still compatible with the majority of programs out there. Microsoft will continue to provide complete support for Windows 7 until January 2015 and extended security support until January of 2020.

If you’re looking to purchase a news computer, I will say that there’s no reason to be afraid of Windows 8. It’s different, for sure, but it’s not that complicated once you give the new interface. But I admit that it’s geared more towards touchscreen devices. 

And frankly, there are times when we aren’t interested in learning anything new, we just want stuff to work the way that it always did. If you need a new computer and you would prefer Windows 7,  you may need to have it custom-built. You really don’t see Windows 7 as the standard operating system on new PCs, since Microsoft considers Windows 8 to be the future of the PC. They want the experience across PC, phone and tablet to be the same.

In 84 years, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of new technology come onto the scene and then disappear and you figured out all of that stuff. No need for you to be afraid of a little change in operating systems.

While I have no trouble telling Windows 7 users that’s fine to stick with their operating system, I will take the opportunity to remind Windows XP users that time is running out. Microsoft will end security support for XP in April of 2014, leaving your system vulnerable to attack.

~ Cynthia


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