Internet Explorer Memory Error, How To Restart?

Nancy from Weaver, Alabama writes:

My security program (AVG)keeps giving me a message that my internet explorer is using too much memory and suggests that I restart the application.  But i don’t know how to restart the application.  Can you tell me how?

Restarting is simple. You can click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the program.

Or if the program is unresponsive, you can press Control-Alt-Delete to open the task manager. Select Internet Explorer from the list.


Then choose End Task.


Then you can just open Internet Explorer again. But we may want to address why this keeps happening.

I’m going to cover a solution for this error that could help in many situations and then address a second one just for AVG users.

One problem could be add-ons in Internet Explorer gobbling up memory. Let’s look at that process.

Click the gear symbol in the upper right of Internet Explorer and choose Manage add-ons.

This window will open with a complete list of add-ons to Internet Explorer.

You can see the various types of add-ons Internet Explorer is running.

And you can view details like the Publisher, Status and how long it takes that Add-on to load.

I’d suggest selecting Toolbars and taking a look. Toolbars and extensions can suck up a lot of your memory. Sometimes you can load them without even intending to because they come hidden in other updates and downloads.

If you think a toolbar could be causing a problem, select it from the list.

Then choose Disable.

Click here for the method for disabling an add-on in Internet Explorer 8.

Since you are using AVG, the issue could be the AVG Advisor.  It has a feature to warn you that your browser could be using too much memory by AVG’s standards. You do this by opening AVG and selecting Appearance. Then uncheck the Display AVG Advisor performance notification.

I hope that one of these solutions helps. If not, be sure to let us know and we’ll keep looking.

~ Cynthia


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