The Bump

A lot of my friends have graduated from The Knot (a hip wedding planning site) to The Bump (a hip baby planning site). That’s right, The Bump is full of tips that span from trying to get pregnant to raising the kids when you do! It’s filled with pregnancy, parenting, and baby information that can help new parents out.

The main page is tons of featured information, but what really stood out to me when I landed on the home page was the Did You Know? rotating questions.  It highlights everything from who plans the baby shower to whether its okay to have caffeine while your pregnant to the etiquette behind thank you note timing. And that’s just a handful of the highlighted questions, you just click on them to go investigate the answer. 

Another interesting feature on the main page was the Pregnancy by Week drop down box. You can select what week of your pregnancy you’re in and it will whisk you way to information about what to expect, the stage of your child’s development, and there’s even a video for the week. 

Navigation is overwhelming on this site! You have so many options. You can use the left side menu, the navigation strip along the top, or even the featured sections on the main page to start navigating around. Either way you decide to navigate around the page you’re bound to find tons of information and tools to help manage a pregnancy, parent children, and stay on top of the myriad of of things you need to do now as a parent.  

Did I mention registration is free? Yep! It is. So you can either use the F-connect button at the top of the site or click the Join Free link and fill out the form and survey. If you’re already a member of The Knot, The Nest, or Wedding Channel then you can use that log in information at The Nest! 

Go check it out, today!


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