How To Remove Eazel Search As A Homepage

Donald from Gurnee, Illinois writes:

I have a HP computer about 6 months old running Windows 8 with updates since then. In the last 2 weeks whenever I go to the internet the first in the day the Eazel search with a download comes up and I have to remove it as my home page then reset my home page. each day this happens and I cannot figure out how to remove it permanently. I ran a virus scan and it does not find any problems. Whose program is this search engine and how can I get rid of it. Thank you.

Donald, is an add-on that redirects your computer to a new homepage and search engine. It probably secretly attached itself to something else you wanted to download. Your virus scanner probably views it just as another add-on or toolbar. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Type Control Panel in your search bar.

Then choose Control Panel when it turns up in results.

 Choose Uninstall a program right beneath Programs.

You’ll get a list of Installed Programs.


Find Eazel Bar in the list and select it.


Then choose Uninstall at the top of the list.


Now we want to make sure you remove Eazel as your homepage and as your default search engine. You’ll want to open Internet Explorer and choose Internet Options.



When the Internet Options window opens, choose the General tab and remove as your homepage and put in the page or pages you’d like for a homepage.



Now select Manage add-ons in Internet Explorer:



Choose Search Providers.


You’ll see a list of enabled search providers on your computer.¬†


Highlight Eazel (or any search provider you don’t want) and then remove it.


Hopefully this will remove Eazel from system.

~ Cynthia


8 thoughts on “How To Remove Eazel Search As A Homepage

  1. Sometimes my computer freezes up and moves slowly. I have to go to the task manager to close out from the site. Sometime I attempt to shutdown from a video and the site/page disappears but the sound continues. I again have to shutdown via task manager. I have a virus check. Please advise.

  2. if I remember correctly CONDUIT needs to be remover from the REGISTRY too. I got the conduit redirect from the JAVA DOWNLOAD. it whacked 3 of my systems. Took me all day to get rid of the spyware I got from java.
    I use IOLO SYSTEM MECHANIC PROFESSIONAL v12. It is the very best antivirus suite I have ever seen. and it comes with whole home use on all computers, wireless phones, etc.

  3. Clear the internet history as well. I’ve had viruses come back at me before when I’d forgotten to do this

  4. You have to stop the process from running first, (Ctrl-Alt-Delete)click on Conduit.exe and End Task. Then run the uninstall, then go to C:Program Files
    and delete the Conduit folder. Get the free version of Malwarebytes (I work on computers and find this to be one of the best tools for removing spyware and viruses), install and update and run it to get rid of any remaining files & Registry entries. Then changes the browser settings as instructed to reset the Homepage and disable or remove the Toolbar.
    Please read any and all instructions when installing things on your computer, these things so easily sneak by on you. Once installed, then the fun begins.

  5. Warning about Java updates. I have a computer running Vista although not running well was useful at times as a secondary computer. I inadvertently clicked on an update for Java and now have installed as home page and lots of unwanted popups. Have tried unsuccessfully to uninstall laptop is now useless.

  6. I also use Malwarebytes….. and i also use it removes all the tracking Cookies found on the drive its a very good program.

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