This is another great site where you can get free stock photos. I’ve been looking around because I’m trying to see if I can create my own logos for  a few start ups I want to create over the next year or two. I may eventually decide to have something designed but I’d rather not if I can do it myself. 

Navigation is easy! Just use the blue navigation strip along the top of the page that has the following categories: register, new photos, popular, forum, random, FAQ, and photographers. You can also use the search engine on left side of the page to do a keyword search to find images of specific things. Then you can use the first, previous, next, and last buttons to navigate through the search results. 

In order to download anything you need to register for a free account. This is easy to do from either the picture you want to download or by using the register button on the navigation strip. You can either use your Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, or Google accounts to register quickly or you can select the RGBstock registration form. 

Check out the FAQ if you have any questions about how the images are free and in what ways you can use them!