Deleting Gmail Contacts In Android

Denis from Columbus, GA writes:

“I need help! How do you delete unused names out of Gmail?  Years ago I helped a friend with a mailing list. And now I have all of these names stored on my Gmail account, that I can’t remove.  Is their any way that I can get some help on this?  I know that when my phone is used thru Bluetooth all of these names appear.  I don’t need this on my phone.  I plan to purchase a new phone and don’t want the additional names loaded to the phone.  Thank you.”

Hi, Denis.  Thanks for the great question.

Actually, removing contacts from your Gmail address book is a fairly simple task. 

First off, switch from your Inbox to your Contact list.  In the current version of Gmail you do this by click on the drop-down arrow next to the word GMAIL on the left sidewalk of your screen.

After you switch to your contact list, you’ll see checkboxes next to each name in your list.

Check whichever contacts you wish to remove.  Next, if you look above your contacts, you’ll see some options, one of which is MORE.  Click on the down arrow next to that and one of your options will be DELETE CONTACT.

Click on that, and your selected contacts will be gone.

As far as your Gmail contacts on your phone go, they actually don’t update via Bluetooth.  Instead, they and your Android phone’s calendar will synch with Gmail on the internet and update your contacts and calendar when it synchs.  The process for manually synching your phone with Gmail vary from phone to phone, but the path is typically something like SETTINGS>CONTACTS AND CALENDAR>SYNCH WITH GMAIL or something like that. The good news is that, since you will have deleted those contacts before upgrading your phone, the first time that your new phone synchs with Gmail, it will automatically synch without those deleted contacts showing up.

I hope that helps!

Randal Schaffer


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