Help! My Homepage Has Been Hijacked By Conduit!

Rebecca in Missouri writes:

I have Windows 7 Home Premium as my OS, and I have a news site I like as my homepage, however, it keeps resetting to a generic search engine called  I reset the homepage everyday as my only homepage, yet the next time I go to it, the generic is up again.  How can I reset this permanently and block out this reset?

Rebecca, this is a fairly common problem. You seem to have been hijacked. While the conduit search page isn’t a virus, most users are entrapped by it being added on to advertisements or downloads that people innocently click on.

I covered how to handle this issue with Eazel last week and the method is still the same.  Click here for the article. The only difference is that you’ll be looking for the Conduit Community Toolbar instead of Eazel.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Your link to repair this hijacking does work, but not all the time. If your linked page does not work, then:
    click to C:Program Files(86) Mozilla Firefox defaults preferences.
    In that folder is file: prefs.js.
    Open notpad and click to that folder, changing notepad files from txt to all files.
    Open prefs.js and don’t be overwhelmed by all the data. Scroll down to:
    user_pref(“browser.startup, homepage.
    In that line you will see the offending hijacker. Delete it and save. Do not use ‘save as’ because it must retain file name.

    If nervous about editing a file that says, “do not edit” then make a copy in case things go wrong.

    I’ve had to use this method several times on tenacious home page hijackers.

  2. I tried your suggestion with Windows 7 laptop and when I went to uninstall I got a list of programs but they did not include ‘conduit’. Instead, I went to my computer, opened my ‘c’ drive and looked at the programs listed there. Of the several listings I saw ‘program files’ and clicked on that. Still no sucess. Then I opened the next file “Program Files X86 and there it was. I just right clicked on “Conduit”, selected ‘delete’ and it was gone

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