One of the features of Yahoo! Mail’s Inbox re-design makes it a little easier to add themes. People who complain about the plainness of, should really enjoy having a dressed-up inbox with just a couple of clicks.  Here’s how it works:

Open your Yahoo! inbox and look down in the left lower corner.

At the very bottom, you’ll see this very small little symbol that looks a bit like a mountain with the moon over it if you look very closely. It is TINY. 

When you roll your cursor over it, you’ll see options like these for choosing inbox themes.

You can select from a range of simple color combos or photographs by using the arrow to scroll through. You have a choice of everything from a puppy to patterns to  landscape shots.

You simply click on the theme and click back to the inbox and it’s set.  Here’s an example of a solid color.

Here’s a puppy.  Awwwww….

This is a super-simple way to change up your inbox.

~ Cynthia