Right -Click ‘New Bitmap’ Option Missing In Photoshop

Mark from Brampton Canada writes:

After installing Adobe Photoshop I lost the option to create a new bitmap when I right click on the desktop and select New. Any ideas on how to get it back?

This is a common problem that many windows users face after installing Adobe Photoshop. Thankfully the solution for this is rather simple. To start with, let’s get to the root cause.

When you install Adobe Photoshop on your computer, by default it associates certain file types with itself- BMP images are one of those file types. While earlier you could right click on the desktop and create a new BMP file (Using the default application MS Paint), post the Photoshop install, all BMP functions are routed through Photoshop and as a result the ‘new BMP file’ right click option goes missing. To get it back to the previous state, we simply need to de-associate Photoshop from handling BMP files and route them back through MS Paint.

To do this we’ll need to use Adobe Bridge, an application that comes along with Photoshop. Start up Adobe Bridge and go to Edit > Preferences and in the new dialog box that opens up, look for an option that says ‘File Type Associations’. You will now see a long list of file types in the right column. Locate the option that says ‘Bitmap’ and using the drop down menu next to it, re-associate the file type to MS Paint.

Once you do this, the handling of BMP files will once again be routed through MS Paint and you will be able to right click and create new BMP’s in a flash.

~ Yogesh


One thought on “Right -Click ‘New Bitmap’ Option Missing In Photoshop

  1. Thank You Yogesh but this did not work for me. I even tried rebooting my computer after following your instructions and it still didn’t work.

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