Facebook Official App For Windows 8.1

Facebook now has an official App for Windows 8.1   Windows 8 users, especially those with Windows 8 Tablets have been wanting a Facebook App for awhile. This app only works if you’ve made the upgrade from 8 to 8.1. So if you have made the switch to Windows 8.1, here’ how to get it.

Go to the Windows Store (just select the Store tile on the Start Screen.)

Search for the Facebook App, though Microsoft will probably have it front and center.

Tap or click on the app to select it. Make sure you get the official  Facebook app and not something like Facebook Trikz or Facebook + Lite.


The first thing you will notice is the touch-friendly interface that’s designed to work with tablets and touchscreens. Your newsfeed is in a large center column.

Chat is displayed on the right.

Navigation controls to things like messages, pages, events and photos are on the left.

When you want to post a status, a large window will open up on the right side of the display.

If you choose to snap the app to the side while using another program, it will display the app as your newsfeed in a single column.

 Facebook updates will now appear on your Windows 8 Start Screen in a live tile.

From the time I’ve had to test drive the app on my Windows tablet, it seems to work similarly to the Facebook desktop app, but the design is much easier you to use than the touchscreen format.

~ Cynthia

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